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Virtual and situatedprofessional learning

Building capacity for high impact teaching, learning and assessment through mobile and responsive technologies enables us to create and tailor learning that meets individual needs using local contexts.  Blended approaches leverage 'virtual' and 'situated' face-to-face workshops to co-design, co-deliver and collaborate on projects, fostering creative and critical thinking and problem-solving.

21C curriculum consultancy/instructional design

Working together to design and deliver programs allows us to fully meet your school's curriculum design and implementation needs. We facilitate flexible and agile practices to identify and bring partners together, fostering diversity and engagement, using big data analysis to create unique and dynamic whole-school training and delivery of programs for science, technology, engineering, creative arts and mathematics.

Coaching, mentoring and Tuition

One-on-one training and development brings the individual to the forefront, using a strengths-based approach that builds confidence and ability. A personalised service promotes high-level engagement through support including demonstration, guided and independent practice, and empathy. We build capacity for life-long learning by building sustainable and productive networks. Our services extend beyond the classroom and include private coaching, mentoring and tutoring in all areas of STEAM.

professional learning

About us

Capacity builder, Marc Noakes earned his PhD on scholarship with the CSIRO, and was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship at Washington State University, where he lectured biochemistry, genetics and astronomy. Upon returning to Australia, he completed postgraduate studies in education and worked as a high school science, maths and music teacher for 9 years. Marc transitioned from high school to primary school to help fill a niche as a primary science and music specialist. In this capacity he worked with schools and STEM-related organisations to build capacity for teaching, learning and assessment through curriculum leadership, mentoring, resource development, network building and professional development. Marc has experience in the Australian Curriculum as a writer for Primary Connections, Education Manager for Kimberlin Education, and Learning Designer for Me3D. He is a NESA-endorsed professional development provider and developed the P-STEM initiative which was recognised by Google for development.  Marc has worked for the NSW Department of Education where he has designed and delivered quality professional development and resources that support teachers in public schools across NSW to fully meet the needs of their students in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM).          

We're with you

Passionate about lifelong learning in all aspects of science and music, we have been inspiring learners of all ages for more than 25 years.

We work with organisations including schools, community partners, and individuals, bringing science and music to life, designing and delivering individualised programs that engage learners using modern learning technology and hands-on inquiry.

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