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Early Childhood and Primary STEM and Music through


We can analyse your PLAN, NAPLAN, SMART, ESSA, ICAS or School-based Action Research data, and work with staff at whole school, stage team or individual classroom level to interpret findings,  identify trends, and construct improvement pathways. 


We can help with data analysis and research for your school or organisation.

We are always seeking expressions of interest from industry, business and educational institute partners with mutual benefits in STEM learning communities.

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  • Individualised Programs
  • Hands-on units with a Local Area Context
  • STEM Assessment Design and Delivery
  • Data Analysis
  • STEM Club
  • STEM Fun Days
  • STEM After School Program
  • School STEM Committee
  • Preschool STEM Experience
  • STEM Fairs
  • Halloween Science
  • Field Trips
  • Biodiversity Surveys
  • Meet a Scientist
  • Work with a Scientist
  • Collaborative Primary School Science Projects
  • Gifted and Talented/Opportunity Class programs


Select from the following situated professional development courses or tailor a course that meets your needs.

  • Introduction to the Australian Science Curriculum (NSW)
  • Teaching Primary STEM Constructively
  • Teaching Early Childhood STEM through Guided Inquiry
  • Teaching STEM using the 5Es
  • Project-based approaches to STEM
  • Problem solving and Critical Thinking in STEM
  • Engaging in Life Science (EC/Primary)
  • Engaging inPhysical Science (EC/Primary)
  • Engaging Chemistry (EC/Primary)
  • Engaging Earth and Space Science (EC/Primary)
  • A Mentored approach to teaching STEM (EC/Primary)

STEM Specialists

A STEM Specialist is a leader of science in a preschool or primary school. STEM Specialists consult with school executive members, school P&C executive members, stage leaders, classroom teachers, school support staff, students and their parents. In addition, STEM Specialistsliaise with community stakeholders that become involved in the SIPS learning community.

Free membership provides opportunities to participate in a professional journal club, hands-on workshops, a supportive peer community and a STEM Hub that offers access to resources and equipment.

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A STEM Specialist is able to facilitate the development of a sustainable STEMlearning community by;

  1. directing the development and delivery of an integrated, inquiry-based and student centred science curriculum that is locally contextualised, includes an innovative and evidence-based assessment program, and meets all BOSTES requirements for the NSW K-10 Science syllabus for the Australian Science Curriculum
  2. directing the development and delivery of a supporting extra-curricular program that includes activities such as science club, science fun days, science fairs or expos, science camps, field trips and excursions
  3. identifying and providing opportunities for community partners to become involved in the school’s learning community, including preschool visits and opportunities for students to meet and talk with scientists
  4. providing training, support and assistance to classroom teachers, including collaborative teaching, assistance with lesson and activity ideas and demonstrating particular lessons through situated professional learning
  5. presenting staff in-service and regular progress updates at school communication meetings, stage meetings, staff meetings, P&C meetings
  6. presenting science reviews at special events including open day, information evenings, orientation days, transition days, special assemblies and conferences.


Accent on Achievement can provide private tuition or school-based tuition. We can also provide whole-school support for classroom music, or extracurricular concert band, jazz band, choir and instrument tuition. Accent on Achievement is able to provide quality instrument hire that is inclusive of insurance and regular maintenance. Please ask how we can help with;

  • Instrumental Tuition
    • Woodwind (flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone)
    • Brass (trumpet, trombone, euphonium)
    • Percussion (piano, glockenspiel, xylophone, kit drum)
  • Band Rehearsals & Performances
  • Classroom support